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“People’s Daily” Editorialists Just Don’t Get It

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I figured I would link a few of the venomous rants China’s main party paper spued out over the last week surrounding the Dalai Lama’s trip to Taiwan.  An editorial on the China-Tibet branch of The People’s Daily broached the subject rather subtly, titling the article “Similarities Between Dalai Lama and Typhoon Morakot.” Wow, here’s a line, and this just crossed it.

The  editorial  goes on to compare the typhoon’s destruction to that of last year’s March 14th Lhasa riots.  In a staggering leap of logic, this pen-wielder believes the loss of 376 lives in Taiwan, with 254 missing, balances out to 18 civilian deaths in Lhasa.

I’m not one to measure the value of a life; there is no scale for tragic loss.  But to so brazenly– and pathetically– try to draw a parallel here is despicable.  Following the logic of the editorial, Morakot and the Dalai Lama are murderers.  A stretch, even for the most rabid Dalai-haters.

Comparing what is likely to be the loss of over 650 lives to 18 is a grave injustice to those still living in the aftermath of Morakot.  Knowing this, the propagandist tries to solidify his claim, exacerbating this insulting line of logic by adding to the 18 the fact that “242 public security police and armed police soldiers were either injured or killed.”   Problem, here.  Nowhere and at no point in time did Xinhua report the death of any Chinese soldiers.  So the “or killed” part is complete fallacy.  It’s a shallow attempt at mustering up some sort of patriotic empathy for injured soldiers– who, I might add, were mostly carrying guns and flak jackets to a stick fight.

The second editorial, “What Could the Dalia Lama Bring Taiwan?”, is another bewildering misinterpretation of humanity.  I may not be religious, but I can understand the solace provided by spirituality in times of great suffering.  This editorial infers Taiwanese people should be more upset about possible strains on cross-strait economics than the loss of loved ones.

And on top of that, “the move not merely riled the Chinese mainland government, but irritated the general public across the Strait… Some even take the island’s invitation of the Dalai Lama, a political monk lobbying around to split China, as a slur on the Chinese government and people.”  Yes, China, this is all about you.  It’s all about not upsetting you, all about splitting your country, all about your soldiers’ lives, all about your paper-thin confidence and your two-year-old’s temper.

The editorial ends by stating “the monk [will] bring along… another disaster beyond Nature.”

And Chinese wonder why Taiwanese see their offers of help as political ploys and disingenuous bribery.


Written by Miles

September 9, 2009 at 5:07 am

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