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Tragic: How Wide the Strait Divides

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chinaSMACK is a translated aggregate of the biggest news circulating on Chinese websites, forums, BBS, and blogs.  The site just posted the reactions of mainlanders to a Reuters story about Taiwanese typhoon victims refusing Chinese aid for fear of toxic contamination.  Can anyone say “trust issues”?

Chinese are constantly baffled by Western countries’ concerns– and we can lump Taiwan in there as a proxy– over the quality of Chinese products.  Trust is hard to build and easy to break.  Understanding its nuances has not caught on with the majority here.

China has a right, to some degree, to be upset.  Over the past two decades countries have transferred countless manufacturing facilities to China.  Reason being, China was, and is still, a relatively unregulated developing country with cheap labor.  How do you get cheap labor?  Cheap oversight.  Mistakes are bound to happen, and some will inevitably be on a massive scale.  Where does the fault lie?  Each party needs to have a lot more empathy for the situation.


Written by Miles

August 29, 2009 at 6:12 am

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