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This is supposed to be a good year for me.  No more double-pig.  No more bad luck.  No more wearing red underwear to ward off the bogeyman.  The Zodiak prophesies the year of the rat will be the year of the bounce-back for Mr. Miles.  Hey, it never hurts; when the mumbo-jumbo is pouring your way, just roll with it.  Roll, roll, run.

When I began this blog, it was all about youth and searching for answers in the post-collegiate miasma of life.  Growing, learning, those were guiding concepts.  Taking steps.  Recently, my pace has quickened from a near standstill to having a little hop in my step and swagger in the gait.  Yes, I landed a new job!

I am now copy-editor and voice-over for an international television station, working on the news team.  My primary task is to polish reports filed by local Chinese journalists; make them sound smooth.  Plus, I get to write and record sports, and do a little translation dubbing.  It has its challenges.

Monday was my first full day.  “News at 10.”  It was a rush!  I haven’t felt a surge of excitement like this in quite a long time.  I had almost forgotten what a buzz the newsroom gives me.  The studio.  Lights up, cameras on, the production room in motion.  People flying around.  The teamwork.  All that jazz, like they say.  It just keeps the energy flowing, everyone is positive.  Every day has a specific goal.  It’s fly or die in a sense; get it on the air or look for a new job.  Life in television is a constant job assessment.

Odd, too, that I also clicked my way through The Washington Post this afternoon and found the article, “The Dumbing of America.”  Susan Jacoby takes a few poetic jabs at an America finding itself more often in the margins than reading in between the lines.  The act of reading is becoming the art of reading as stupendous amounts of Americans find themselves visually defined and literary lightweights.

And once again, I am scratching my dirty nails down the blackboard of the social classroom.  A cog in a machine, literally, one more tit in the boob tube.  Just as I fought imperialism by becoming an English teacher, here I am working towards a method of informing poor, developing nations about sustainable lifestyles from inside a commodity box.  Needless to say, my odyssey isn’t quite the masterpiece I am hoping for at this stage.  But we are still in the early going, like a rough draft.  As long as I keep the wheels rolling, greasing the chains with a bit of youthful energy and enjoyment, the next chapter ought be engrossing.


Written by Miles

February 19, 2008 at 1:45 pm

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