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There was an opinion piece on NPR the other day.  The essence of which asked why debates and campaigns inevitably turn to such meaningless drivel during elections.  They become subjective popularity contests judged on the basis of who can put others down with more gravitas and who slithers out of wall-cornering questions the silkiest.

So, to be fair, here is my platform.  These the issues I would address if I were running for president:

1. Massive nationwide automotive emissions standard reforms, projecting the U.S. to be the most environmentally friendly auto manufacturer by 2012. That’s right, that soon. Put a little pressure on our big guys.  Hell, they might even have to hire a few bright people with ideas.

2. A Gasoline Tax. Sorry commuters, but it is time to face facts. If you want to commute an hour to work every day, don’t buy a Chevy Tahoe XLT.

3. Selecting a panel to investigate the feasibility of Carbon Emissions Cap and Trade System within the first month of my presidency. It isn’t just auto industries that would face my wrath. Exceeding cap allowance would impose fines, payable to the government and directly invested into alternative energy R&D funding.

4.  I would withdraw all regular troops from Iraq within 6 months, leaving behind only our best special-ops forces to execute cooperative missions with the Iraqi government.  I would refocus our military objectives on eliminating the threat in the mountainous border region between Afghan-Pakistan, cutting all funding to Pakistan until there is some progress and likely threatening them that we will help India take control of the region if they cannot.

5.  A “Better Deal” program.  With part of the money we would save by not continuing to fight in Iraq and certainly not going to war with Iran, I would reinvest in the lower and middle classes of America.  I would launch an 8-year nationwide infrastructure project focusing on creating the most advanced communications and transportation systems in the world.  This would include things like creating stiffer building codes for new commercial properties, so that we can catch up to places like South Korea and Japan.  Refurbishing school systems, striking deals with (American) companies to provide new computers and environmentally friendly buses.  It would include park gentrification.  It would include re-examining ways to protect and provide clean water.  It would include fitting city gas stations with hydrogen fuel pumps and forming a progressive plan for allotting more road space to bicycles, buses, smaller vehicles, and alternative public transportation systems.  No more big highways.

6.  Continue to work towards international debt forgiveness for African and other developing nations.  This is a time when America needs to be seen as a benevolent friend to those in need.  We need to be holding out a hand, not pointing a gun at people.

7.  So, how would I cut funds and balance a budget spiraling out of control?  Here is an obvious answer that certainly wouldn’t go over too well:  Abolish the Department of Homeland Security and The Information Awareness Office.  We have had one major terrorist attack in recent history.  Let’s let the CIA, FBI, DEA, and all the other acronyms handle it like they did in the past while continue to force them to work together in new  creative ways.

8.  Here is another tax-saver:  Abandon building a huge wall across the Mexico-US border.  Come on people, what are we Israelis?  This is one of those politicized issues that has nothing but subjective emotions behind it.  Mexican immigrants are part of what makes our American economy (and part of the Mexican economy) work, and it has been that way for a century.  This is like polling to see how racist America can be.

9.   Universal healthcare.  It isn’t that hard to figure out.  And yes, this might mean a slight tax increase… but hello, people, think of the money you save not paying for insurance!

10.  Stop letting religion play a role in our government!  Let states take a popular vote on abortion and stem cell research.

Honorable mention:  Cut half of the funding for the War on Drugs, Campaign finance reform, Pressuring China to continue towards freedom of speech, Strengthening the UN (arguably with a standing int’l force), Raising the pay for soldiers and teachers.


Written by Miles

November 19, 2007 at 1:29 pm

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  1. I’d vote for ya


    November 21, 2007 at 7:54 pm

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