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Mid-Autumn Festival of Laughs

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1.  I catch sight of two middle-aged gentlemen on my ride home from school.  They are moseying down the street at leisurely zombie-like speed.  And, as they do, these particular Chinese are rocking their pajamas.  This is as common as smokers with a cough.  However, they are wearing matching pajamas.  Two sets of top and bottom, striped sleepwear, capped off with a traditional pair of filthy flip-flops.  Now, to put the cherry on top, one of them is wearing a fancy tweed blazer.  Class, oh yes, class.

2.   My buddy and I ended up in some overpriced dump of an Italian “cafe” last night.  This was fine, for my friend is Italian, and the litany of profane remarks he had for every essence of this psuedo-Italian restaurant kept me in stitches.  As we are leaving this upscale rip-off center I catch sight of an older Chinese couple sitting a ways from us.  The man is clipping his lady’s fingernails at the table, flinging pieces of chalkboard-scratchers all over the place!

3 .  Parents holding children to pee in public is very common, but having your daughter pee in a plastic bag on the subway???

4.  NON-CHINESE RELATED:  How the hell did my bedeviled alma-mater actually upset the No.3 team in the nation?  Oh good golly, Colorado 27- Oklahoma 24!

5.  NON-CHINESE OR AMERICAN:  After watching the US women claim 3rd place in the FIFA cup tonight, I had the great pleasure of staying to watch Germany vs. Brazil.  German fans had gone gung-ho for Norway during the previous match.  So I had it out for ’em.  Unfortunately, I was left unsatisfied.  The Germans were outplayed for almost the entire match.  The exception came in the first 10 minutes of the second half, when Germany really cranked it up and scored its first goal.  The headed in their second (and final) goal off a late corner to ice it.    This is what I took away from the game:  if I ever wear a women’s soccer jersey, it will be Marta’s.  The Brazilian star is phenomenal.  Although she bricked a penalty kick tonight, she utterly dominated the game.  She made defenders look foolish, dancing and hustling her way through one-on-three or one-on-four situations.  So incredible, in fact, that she kept me mesmerized and hopeful through the entire 90+ minute game, that perhaps she could actually pull off the miraculous comeback.  Man, it never ceases to amaze me when you see people doing what it seems like they were always meant to do.


Written by Miles

September 30, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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