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Can’t Cuff Me, China!

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I’ve only been able to access to my blog about once a day, in little five minute windows. The shift change of the internet police. Perhaps it has something to do with rule #3 on…

Welcome, and Shut up

So today, I found a little loophole. My roomy, quite the character by the way, put me onto a little internet web-hackery. And presto! We’re back in the game, free from the crackdown on internet freedom. Ah, personal expression, how I’ve missed you!

One week in the books. Accomplishments thus far? Nearly getting into a fistfight with one of the staff at the Foreign Student Office at my new university. Brushing a little dirt off my bowling technique. Tons and tons of stampeding onto and off of the subway. Plus a good deal of more functional and less interesting minutiae.

Things I do not miss from Taiwan would include the hairless zombie street dogs, stinky tofu vendors parking in front of my building, poor piping (Taiwanren you know what I’m talking about), gray on gray on gray, pollution so bad it burns my eyes, rampant binglan abuse, err… and some others.

Things I do miss? Never thought I’d admit to it, but 7-11. You couldn’t walk 30m without running into a convenient store or two in Taiwan! And now, nothing. I miss cold drinks. Don’t let it fool ya when the Chinese put drinks in a refrigerator, it’s not on. I miss taxi drivers who don’t make it seem like they’re doing you a favor when you get in. I’ve been kicked out of a taxi here because the guy didn’t want to bust a u-turn.

All in all, I am adjusting. I’ve been out rockin’ a few nights. I’m settled in a bit. And I am– ba dam ba da da– lovin’ it.


Written by Miles

August 16, 2007 at 3:58 pm

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