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Happy 21st Birthday little Bethy Boof!!!
Third night in Shanghai. I spent the entire day moseying along city streets, block after block, until my legs felt like I went from 25 to 43-year-old Barry Bonds in one day.

I came back to the hotel to find my little second floor nest of a room perched directly above some type of raucous banquet. I was waiting for a new friend to call, if she was going to go out tonight. I decided come dinner time to head back to my fancy-pants Italian restaurant I had eaten at last night.

It’s a short walk from the hotel. I first saw it as I passed by in a taxi, a classy facade with those three special letters– restaurant and “B-A-R.” Last night, I enjoyed a particularly delicious tomato sausage rigatoni and a few JW Blacks on the rocks. The bartender and manager are both from the Philippines, as well as the four female singers who perform each evening.

Mind you, this is a classy restaurant way out in the burbs of the city. Clientele is limited. So when I walked in again tonight, it was to cheers all around. After my meal, a scrumptious chicken penne, and a few Tiger drafts, the place was empty except for myself and one other customer. By this point, I had already struck up quite a camaraderie with the staff and the singers. I love Filipinos. They know how to sing and entertain, and just live. Just have fun.

Next thing you know, I am on stage, belting Creedence tunes and odd early 90s tracks like TLC’s “Waterfalls.” Classy, huh? The girls drag the manager up, and the other patron, and we’re all having a blast. It took me a while, to let it sink in, that here I am two days removed from Taiwan on stage at a 5-star joint (all to ourselves) singing TLC with two sexy, sexy Filipinas… honestly, is this real?


Written by Miles

August 10, 2007 at 5:14 pm

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