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The Utter Failure of American Politics

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China has sentenced another high-ranking politician to death for corruption and accepting bribes while in office.   Oh, Scooter Libby, you lucky bastard!  How does an administration which boasts about bullshit like “homeland security” and “fighting terror” pardon someone who committed treason?

Blaming George Bush is like believing in God.  It takes away personal responsibility, that’s why people choose to be sheep.  People believe in God because they are scared of the fact that every action they take in life has immediate and urgent ramifications.  People blame Bush because they cannot muster the energy to take the country in a new direction themselves.  This isn’t Bush’s fault.  Millions of people elected him TWICE.  We impeached Clinton for a blowjob.  And yet, now, this, this absolutely farce of a government, this tyrannical apocalyptic authoritarianism we have in place now?  The American political system is another false religion.  We believe our government is omnipotent and omniscent, all-loving… how?  How can so many people be so complacent when humanity has reached its most climactic, urgent point?


Written by Miles

July 16, 2007 at 3:38 pm

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