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Back from Hong Kong

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So this is it.  The crescendo of my time in Taiwan.  I am back from HK after barely grinning my way through customs for one last 30 day visa.

It was nice to go on vacation for once, and not on an adventure.  My last “vacation” was to Cambodia.  Cambodia and Hong Kong are about as alike as Michael Moore and Ann Coulter.  HK is a city of the future, it is shocking.  Each building is its own modern masterpiece, jutting into the sky like a shuttle launch pad.  Taipei is no comparison.  Whereas I felt I was re-entering the first world coming home from Phnom Penh, it was vice versa with this return.

HK reaffirmed that Asian cities have the potential to develop into post-modern communities.  Too often I find myself sallowed by the symptoms of development.  While I enjoy living in the atmosphere of societies in transition, it can be disheartening.  My time here has opened my eyes to the directions human beings pursue in progress.  It’s a bumpy road, often crude and unrefined, puzzling, trashy, troubling and hopefully in some spots triumphant.


Written by Miles

July 16, 2007 at 3:16 pm

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  1. living in hong kong, “the city” and life here is something we often take for granted; perhaps we shouldnt, but it’s generally something we can’t help; it’s the way our lives are lived and there’s usually too many other things to worry about that we deal with from day to day – just look at the morning paper every day to realise all the problems – social, political or wotever – the cities through which city-people’s lives are strung throughout face, that often cause us to forget the simple, yet great things we love about the cities we might call home (and this is directly back to hong kong), many of us are lucky enough to be able to leave the territory once in awhile, and so can experience the awe of flying back in through the foul tempered clouds and booming china sky, over the vast ocean plains of the mysteries of the south china sea, roamed by the brutal smugglers and pirates of the south east asia, above the tiny countless islands that surround hong kong’s shores, us above, ignorant of the local sea-faring culture and beliefs of their ocean community below, us knowing only money and luxury and material well-being and all capitalist “evils” – the feeling is an unbeatable one, a beautifully sad -as in the state of human spirit and hope and desire and tragic emotion – one, knowing and loving the security that comes with the material shallowness of life.

    it’s all there in the city, among with all the generated excitement of human life, the anonymity and the social cliques that are formed to act against this, artificial fenders that keep some snottily warm and others so shut out it inspires massacre, the lights and the dust and dirt and noise, the buildings – architects babies born of government bragging and corporate sponsorship – the streets and their names that, in the end, with familiarity, become nameless.

    James P

    July 17, 2007 at 4:32 pm

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