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Dragon Boat Festival has come and pass. I failed to see a dragon, a boat, or a festival. Still, I fiddled the four days into a pleasing tune. Recentered, took some needed rest and resumed a positive path. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, ain’t that right Lao xinsheng?

I woke up yesterday and discovered a big Nebraskan uber-american poking his puffy-eyed face out the door to my guest bedroom. My buddy Mike from Kaohsuing had told me he would be here around 4 or 5. I had foolishly assumed he meant that following afternoon. He and his girlfriend Sunny must have managed to convince my security guard that foreigners generally don’t steal unless they wear business suits when occupying another country.

It was good to have them here. We did a few of those things one can only do when guests are visiting from out of town. We went to those pop-spots absumed by the bustle of daily life, spent some time in the markets, along the coast, on scooter through the ‘skirts of town until our shins were black with soot.

They forced me to re-appreciate Taipei, and it was needed. I had fallen through the city’s trap door, and all I could feel were the footsteps. Stampeding. Tromping, stomping, never stopping; consuming, eating, littering, dying, decaying. It was all impersonal. Two of my best friends have left the island, another has withdrawn himself. Time continues ticking, with each sunset, each empty evening, as all things begin to feel hollow.

People wall themselves off when confronting the future, I see it now, personally. Initially, there is excitement; there is a drive for new beginnings. But in the end there is nothing but the present, left in anticipation of a climax only attainable through the removal of all time. The present is a void. It loses meaning, just like a clock counting down becomes a countdown and not a clock.

Fear not! Through some small feats of fortune, I believe I have rebounded. I helped a few people in need, redoubled my effort to keep people smiling around me, and focused on the positive. But it took Mike and Sunny coming to visit to really release the demons.

I have discovered the great joy in having friends stay with me. It reminds me how blessed I am to be in a situation in which I can share my life with others, even if it is just the shelter of my humble abode. It feels good, man. Cooperation in contained space. Energy. Life.

I love seeing people’s bags, they remind me of motion in life. Luggage is a physical embodiement of our existence, those items we take with us on the journey are the tools we choose to create hope and combat fear. We envision a future of possibilities and we prepare; we strive on. In this, in these often minimal, countless journeys, I can rekindle my belief that the world and its inhabitants remain in motion, ceaseless and exploring the voids of time.


Written by Miles

June 19, 2007 at 11:53 am

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