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Congress is in session. Career politicians are crawling back to D.C. to canoodle with corporate America. Ah, an Energy Bill… the type of political shindig Jack Abramoff brings a pocket full of Rophynol to.

This is the All-Star weekend of The National Lobbyist League. The NYT reports lobbyists are swarming the steps of Senate eager to bankroll campaigns in exchange for, errrr, “representation.” Car companies, oil companies, electric utilities, coal producers, beef farmers– have all sent their top assassins, swindlers, and snakes. I hope PacMan Jones shows up with his big bag of cash too.

The Complete-shameless-sell-out-idiot Quote of the Day comes from one such lobbyist against rethinking oil production in America because, he argues, change is bad for beef farming…

We are in favor of developing all the alternative energy that we can, but we need to be as market-oriented as possible,” said Mr. Stenholm, the former member of Congress from Texas who now lobbies for oil and farming industries. “You can’t produce food and feed without oil and gas, and you can’t produce oil and gas without food and feed and fiber.”

Ummm??? Seriously pal? A bit non-sequitur. We cannot have oil without cows? Market-oriented or oriented towards maintaining the monopoly money in the pocket of your patron? Honestly, did they catch this guy just waking up? Is he a late replacement for some injured super scum lobbyist? Or did Oil and Auto buy up all the bigshots and Beef had to pick up some bush-leaguers?

Mr. Stenholm wins the award for giving such a pathetic attempt at burying his intent to ensure beef farming does not face GHG emissions restrictions. Yes, Methane, you fat ugly cow, you need to clean it up if you want to come to the Clean Energy Party.


Written by Miles

June 12, 2007 at 1:53 pm

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