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Compounding Disinterest

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I came home to my internet being turned off and a final notice on my gas bill. As a foreigner with all my mail coming in Chinese, sometimes it just makes more sense to pay bills when they finally cut us off.

This afternoon, the pendulum cast a little further into the negative– to the tune of NT$1800 for running a red light. I shouldn’t have said anything about wheels coming off.

At first, I cursed the gods. I thought about the $1800… 60 beers, or 9 cab rides, 2 meals in nice restaurants, or a new cellphone…

But when I broke it down to how many red lights, speed limits, and other various road infraction penalties I should have incurred here, well… it is more like $0.0000000001 per incident. When I add to this that I could have been arrested for driving without a valid Taiwan license, had my scooter impounded, and paid a fine of NT$6000… maybe my luck is turning around!


Written by Miles

June 5, 2007 at 8:00 am

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