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Does Trump Ever Slump?

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Everything is relative and when that scale gets a bit jostled, I feel it.  I have been on a roll for about two months, nothing but up, like Wonka’s elevator.

Then Wednesday my best buddy takes his bow and departs Taiwan (I am becoming increasingly jealous).  That night, we tie on a good buzz, one of those purple-teeth-alarm-smashers.  Somehow I make it to work the next day.

Friday comes, just in time to remind me that I work Saturday mornings.

Saturday comes, and I power through class.  My girlfriend is busy, so I head to the beach.  I de-skin my knee diving for a try in touch rugby, and to prove I am extra tough, just rub one metric ton of sand into the wound.  Later I pack up and head out, leaving the sands of time to devour my precious lifeblood– not from my knee, my cell phone.  Gone.  Figured it was in the bag.  It was not.

Sunday comes.  I wake up at 8am to let the cleaning lady in, 24 floors down in the lobby.  She had called last night to cancel… hmmm.  Hours later, I drive to my favorite little food stand for lunch.  It is closed.  Somewhere between then and Monday morning I manage to slip a disc in my back.

Monday now.  I wake, shower, shave.  I get one of those exceptional shaves where it seems like you used a lawnmower with butter knife blades.  Found I didn’t have a clean school uniform.  Red-faced like a 15 year old, I showed up at work, back killing me, needing a haircut, no cellphone, dirty workshirt, skinned knee.  A few hours in, I get a nosebleed.

Wow, how the wheels can come tumbling off!  But it’s cool.  It’s cool.  Just let this pass through the system, and I’ll bounce back to epic heights next upswing.


Written by Miles

June 4, 2007 at 11:21 am

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