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I might name my son Kobe…

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Kobe Bean Bryant. Black Mamba. Bad Mutha….

Marx never could have known. Religion isn’t the opium of the masses anymore. We don’t argue about global warming or education in Africa. We argue about sports. Sports replaces reality with easily arguable and absolutelty meaningless frivolties. God vs. MJ vs. KB? I take Kobe. I got faith in him. Faith hypnotizes us.

Two things I want to say on this second appearance of Kobe in my blog:

1. Kobe is the best player to ever step foot on a basketball court.

2. He absolutely should not be traded.

Mitch Kupchak is a moron. If he trades Kobe, he should be incarcerated. Kobe was born for L.A., just like Mike should have never left Chi-town. I pray to the basketball gods that Reason will return to Earth and align our cosmos making the Celtics, Bulls, and Lakers once again the essence of the NBA. Please, please, reward my faith with a world capable of righting its wrongs!


Written by Miles

June 1, 2007 at 5:11 am

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