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Where is Professor Adrian Gaskins?!?! I have been trying to hunt down my old friend and professor after his CU email started bouncing back my messages. As I was searching for him, I came across his department page and found the profile of another of my former professors: William King.

I do not consider Professor King one of the best professors I have had. I do, however, respect the man. When I took his class, for whatever reasons, he happened to be going through a period in his life in which he was losing hope in education, I believe particularly in our institution. He responded by abandoning our class, rarely attending lecture, and tarnishing the idea of tenure. Class attendance plummeted.

Those of us with the inclination to keep coming back in hope of this acclaimed scholar’s appearance were rewarded with the presence of a very intelligent, articulate teaching assistant by the name of Flavian Prince. He saved the class (shout out to Flav!). He made us aware of the fact that our recurrent attendance was proof we wanted to gain knowledge of this issue, and that we must at all times take education upon ourselves— again, returning to the value of responsibility and accountability.

Please check out what Professor King has to say about the theory of education. As a teacher, I relate to a lot of what he is saying here:

ALSO, my roommate asked me yesterday if I could recognize the flag of the Solomon Islands. The answer is no. It sparked a debate on how many flags each of us actually can recognize. Fifteen years ago we would have popped on some Right Said Fred and walked down to the library. Instead, we Goggled it.

Note: Email me and tell me you nailed a perfect 3500 score in fifteen minutes and I will tell you who shot JFK!


Written by Miles

May 22, 2007 at 9:31 am

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