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Just about finished recovering from Spring Scream last weekend.  A hard-earned four day bender on the south beaches.  No sleep til sunrise.  Even with my pathetically white skin, I love da beach.

Thus, it is almost summer in Taipei, and I am coming into my last time here.  Teaching is still enjoyable.  I am proud of shunning complete disenfranchisement with the education system here.  Teaching has been a great channel for me.  I am well tuned to it.  I tell people I have a lot of friends in Taiwan, most of them just happen to be 5 or 6.

I can see how people get wrapped up in the life here.  “Sometimes I enjoy the comforts of comfortability.” as my friend says.  Beyond just Taiwan, the pyschological effect of this teaching gig is pretty phenomenal, in nebulous ways.  Without getting into it, I will say that I do believe being a teacher is extremely fulfilling.  Each one teach one.

Taiwan is good to me.  Sometimes, the false pretense of being a superstar makes me question how I could ever leave.  At this point, I just cannot see enough channels open for me here to keep growing.  Taipei, and greater Taiwan, inspired in me at least that:  I now know I am unsatisfied with my current awareness and level of education, especially linguistically.  At this point, I do not want to leave “China” until I can speak its language well.  More than well.

School.  Man, I love it.  I love being in it, immersed, plunged into a place where people are constantly wrinkling their brains.  I need it.

So, my apologies to my friends.  It is always a shame to realize that people you surround yourself eventually move in different directions. The decay of time has taken its toll on my friendships, regardless of the www-dot.  Talking to old friends on the phone, asking that “Have you talked to…” question, I just smile.  I am always happy hearing of those getting down and doing their own thing, moving places, pursuing new interests.  Even as I lose contact.

I will be back to visit, maybe August.  But I would be much more inclined to hear proposals from people to meet in new spots rather than the old.  Turkey, Czech, Tanzania, hit me with it.  My bags are always packed.


Written by Miles

April 15, 2007 at 9:02 am

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  1. Hello friend. I’m glad to hear that you are taking so much from your experience. I am still here in D-town, working at this hedge fund. I too, however, am coming to the point where I feel like I have stopped growing. I have learned more than I ever imagined I could have sitting in front of a computer screen. I have learned about the economic and political structures that make the world the way it is, and I have used that knowledge to make educated guesses about the direction the world is heading. I have also grown thicker skin through the process of getting my hard work laughed at and shit on at many points. From those experiences, I have tried to grow and create success in the wake of failure. Now, I am lost. I am only 10 miles from my childhood home, I am with the woman I love, I am working at a job that has the potential to make millions of dollars every year, yet I still feel as lost as I ever have felt. I am yearning for an experience completely different from the one I am currently living, and I have not yet been able to figure out what that might be. If you have any suggestions, you know that I would love to hear them. I like you am enthralled by education and I am open to enriching myself through any means.


    April 16, 2007 at 3:43 pm

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