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I continued my brazen escapade into the heart of the Taiwanese healthcare system today. My cough is lingering. This I blame mostly on my erratic eating habits, a scant amount of sleep, and the little 5 year-old bacteria bugs that I teach every day.

(Side Note: One of my biggest pet peeves in Taiwan is when people wash their hands then proceed to open the doorknob sans the step of DRYING their hands, thus leaving me a dripping cold steel germ bath to discover again and again…)

So I mosied into a traditional Chinese herbalist.  It was right next to a McDonald’s.  The interior smelt like McNuggets and mushrooms.  The heat was sweltering.  I was not sure if this was part of the medication, since I could clearly see the fans hanging motionless from the ceiling.  People were scattered about in the most bizarre locations and positions.  The clinic had a mixed vibe, half sauna and half vergetable storage house.  Quite a sight.  Pins impeccably placed into people’s problem areas.  Little girls.  Old men.  One patient looking aimlessly at the ceiling, balancing a facial plaster.

The doctor spoke no English.  I was pleased to test my Chinese and pass.  He wore a wide grin and a patch of perfect white hair.  The diagnosis consisted of a couple of basic questions and a palm reading-slash-pulse checking.

The orders:  Swallow this magic powder three times a day.  No cold drinks.  No spicy food.  Nothing fried.

That makes for a boring, hungry weekend.


Written by Miles

November 17, 2006 at 1:18 pm

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